Sold count is the quantity of a product that has been purchased or taken off the shelf. It is to give a little push and confidence to the customers to add to the cart and buy.

Sold count helps your visitors know how well a product is doing in terms of sales. It shows this product is reliable to some extent, as a certain quantity of it has been bought.

StoreBundle allows you to add the stock count and the sold:

- Stock Count Text

- Stock Sold Text

Changing the stock text

This is to show if the product is still available and when it's sold out, you can have it displayed as "SOLD OUT"

- You can add “available” in the text box {{stock count}} and have it displayed like this: 

- When a product is sold out or running out of stock, you can notify that with “sold” or “running out of stock” in the text box {{stock sold}}

Display Quantity

Ensuring that you put on display the number of a product you have for grabs triggers your customers or visitors to make purchase decisions real quick.

- When a product is not in stock, you can choose what is displayed to visitors.

* Not in stock

* Pre-order

Use the preview button to check changes made.