Most e-commerce businesses use countdowns to trigger customers to check out. Cart countdown is known to help e-commerce brands reduce cart abandonment and increase sales conversion. It is you telling your customers to buy now, or they miss out. This is a FOMO (fear of missing out) trick e-commerce stores use to increase sales, AOV, and revenue.

Activating a Timer in Customer's Cart

- You can add a timer text that serves as some sort of CTA. It keeps the trigger in your visitor's head to click the check-out button. Something like this:

cart countdown

Then attach a time length. This counts down from hours to minutes to seconds. This is only visible in your customer's cart for certain products.

What Next When Timer Stops

No matter how long you set the timer, it will eventually cease reading. You must now decide what you want your consumers to see in their carts once the countdown expires.

When the timer runs out, you may either reset it or delete the product from your basket.

cart countdown

Also, you can choose when you want the countdown timer to read, the timer can be paused when a customer is not in the cart.

The Cart Countdown app is not available for Cart Drawers / Ajax Carts due to technical and design reasons.