In retail business, having a visitors count is essential and can be used when making vital business decisions. There are many ways visitors count helps your e-commerce store grow, some of which are;

- Know your web page traffic

- Understand customers' behavior

- Create a sense of urgency to buy with your visitors

- Increase sales and check-out rate

With visitors count, you can provide social proof that helps your visitors make purchase decisions when viewing a product. Each product has its own visitors count displayed which can in turn boost sales conversion.

visitors count

Minimum and Maximum Visitors Displayed

This allows you to set a certain number of visitors you want to be displayed on a product's page.

Real and Random Count

The real count provides you with a detailed number of visitors you have for your store. 

The random count is a preset figure to be displayed.

visitors count

Counter Time Frame

You can have your visitors count on an daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Hide Icons

You can as well hide or leave on display "the eye icon"  that appears right before your visitors count figures.