E-commerce brands in the bid to boost sales and nudge their customers or visitors to check out items in their cart usually use the 'free shipping' tip to get customers to buy. How does the free shipping bar come in handy?

With free shipping, customers do not have to pay a dime for shipping costs. The ordered goods are delivered at no cost.

There are several ways online stores cover this free shipping. Either has the shipping cost spread across the price of each of the items or find some way around that. Free shipping is to encourage customers to check out and not abandon items in their carts.

Navigating Free Shipping Bar 

On your Free Shipping dashboard, you have the list of shipping bars you have active in your store.

free shipping bar

Create A New Free Shipping Bar

This button allows you to create a shipping bar to be displayed on your chosen page.

There are six major sections to take note of when activating a free shipping bar. It includes;

- Bar Name

- Display on

- Free Shipping Goal

- Initial Message

- Progress Message

- Goal Achievement Message

Each of these sections is what makes the free shipping bar with a background and text color options.

Creating a Free Shipping Bar

The Bar Name is to help you identify each free shipping campaign you create. 

Display On

You get to decide where you want the free shipping to be accessed. The store's index page, all pages, collection page, and products page.

Shipping Goal

Before offering free shipping, you might want to attach a certain amount that should be spent by each customer. This shipping goal section helps you set a price goal that gets a customer the free shipping offer.

When creating a free shipping bar, and you decide to offer free shipping to orders of certain amounts, this can be specified in the 'Free Shipping Goal' section. The currency is defined based on your store's location, you just have to fix the amount from which free shipping can be accessed.

Free Shipping Message Sequence

To get this offer to your customers, the information or messages have to come in a sequence. 

- The initial message notifying them of a free shipping offer

- The progress message, notifying them of how close they are to getting the offer. With this, you can attach the shipping goal as a reminder.

- Goal Achievement Message notifies the customer when they've reached the order goal to enjoy the free shipping offer.


The color palette allows you to choose what color suits your brand or the background color you want to be displayed for the free shipping bar. Same thing applies to the text.