The terms and conditions app allows you to create a CTA where customers have to agree to your store's terms and conditions before proceeding to check out.

Having defined terms and conditions for your store helps your customers understand the basis of the transactions they are having with you. The terms and conditions article usually contains a description of your privacy policy, payment terms, refund policy, dispute resolution, and also protects you from liabilities. 

Storebundle's terms and conditions app helps you create a CTA where customers agree to your terms of use before checking out. The app has 4 major sections to help you achieve this.

- Checkbox Message

- Error Message Placement

- Link to Terms and Conditions

- Error Message content

terms and conditions

The checkbox message is what you have on display, with a box to be ticked by the customer to allow them to proceed. This box contains a message like 'I have read and agree to Terms of Use’.

Error Message Placement

Each time a customer does not tick the term of use checkbox, they should get an error message. This section allows you to choose how you want the error message to be displayed. It has a dialog box and below checkbox option.

The dialog box comes as a pop-up showing the error message.

The Below checkbox option has the message displayed below the checkbox message.

Link To Terms and Conditions

Having outlined your checkbox message, you need to add a link that takes the customer to the terms and conditions page. This is so that the customer can read before ticking the checkbox.

Error Message Content

This is where you have what message you want to be displayed for the error message each time the checkbox is not clicked.