QR code is another marketing strategy that e-commerce store owners use to drive traffic or engagement to their store. This code can also be used to keep product information, facilitate payment options, and lead offers when scanned by a customer.

The usage of QR codes brings convenience to customers during their shopping experiences. For instance, customers can facilitate payment using QR codes without releasing sensitive card details to the seller. 

Considering that most online buyers access most websites with their mobile phones, QR codes have become easier to use since it is used on Android and IOS platforms.

There are a number of ways how QR codes can be used for an e-commerce store's benefit;

- Convey product information such as packaging, payment, recommendations, and shipping

- Facilitate ads both online and offline

- Facilitate lead offer e.g. get 10% off buying this product. The offer here can spur a customer to scan and see what product

- Offer more awareness about the store or product.

Storebundle's QR code generator creates QR codes that can help reach your brand goals.

Generating QR Codes

With StoreBundle's QR code generator app, you can generate a code that can go on your store's Shopify page, product, checkout page, or add to cart. You can have these QR codes at specific places to garner more traffic or sales using sales discounts when necessary.

The QR code can be downloaded either as an SVG, PNG, or PDF file for use.

QR code


Your code can appear in different colors ad you will find the color plate in the app to choose from.

QR code

Each time you create a QR code, you get it enlisted on the QR code generator homepage, where you can take further actions of editing or deleting the code.

QR code