Storebundle allows you to completely control your store's content (product descriptions inclusive) and product images. The content protection app enables you to prevent unwanted access to images and content you have on your website.

Most store owners invest so much in having professional images for their products. It will be hurtful to see such images copied and used by a random person on the internet. 

As a store merchant, you may want to keep the originality of your images. To make this happen, you need to enable the content protection app to help you restrict visitors from saving the images on your store's website or copying the texts you have for your product description. 

Content protection allows you to secure your intellectual property and restrict unauthorized access to your content.

Here is a highlight of what you can do with StoreBundle's content protection app;

1. Protect Images

2. Protect Texts

3. Stop Keyboard Shortcuts - restricting right clicks, ctrl/cmd + c, ctrl/cmd + x, etc

4. Log legal notice