Upselling in the cart can improve your sales count and customers' average order value. Cart upsell happens when a particular product serves as a trigger for customers to get a promotional message showing a discount for another product.

Cart upsell in simple terms is every promotional activity that goes on in customers' carts. With Storebundle's Cart Upsell app you can offer customers a discount by using certain products as a trigger to get slow-moving products promoted.

Each time a customer adds a trigger product to their cart, a product pops in with or without a discount they get if they buy the items together.

Get Started With Cart Upsell

The cart upsell app features an enable button on the upper right side.

The app index page has a tab that displays your generated upsells, along with their status, date, and ellipsis for additional actions.

cart upsell

Offer Title

This is the text title that is displayed in the cart when you create an upsell with no discount.

Offer Discount Title

This is the offer title with a discount. That is, what is displayed in the cart when there is a discount.

Trigger Product

Here you have to select a product that would serve as a trigger to upsell another product which is the offer product.

When this product is added to the cart, the product you are attaching the offer to comes up in the cart.

Offer Product

Offer product is the product you want to upsell.

cart upsell


This section is where you enable discounts if you want to attach a discount to the product you're upselling.

cart upsell

If you do not want to give a discount, leave the button off and save.

When there is a discount to give, click the discount button to turn it on then enter the discount code, choose the discount type, and add the value that will be taken off the original price.

Once this is done, you can save and exit. This takes you to the Cart upsell index page where you have a list of the upsell you have created.

If you have the new cart upsell tagged as 'Disabled' to enable it, click the ellipsis (...) on the right and click enable on the dropdown list. This activates your cart upsell.

cart upsell