The general data protection regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation that allows users to control the activation of cookies and trackers that access their personal data. This is due to the fact that one of the ways to collect customer information is via website cookies. Hence, the need for the consent of the end-user to the cookie bar.

Storebundle's GDPR cookie bar allows you to customize and have the consent box pop when visitors get on your store's index page.

To use the GDPR app, enable it by switching the button on the upper right of the app.


Having outlined the content for GDPR, you can have it linked to the cookie bar for visitors to access, read and understand before clicking the accept button. The next step is to set the cookie bar.

With the cookie bar app, you can display your cookie pop-up message and also indicate the pages where you want this pop-up to be accepted and displayed.


You can also customize the 'OK' button to allow your visitors to accept the cookie

The 'Info Link Text' and 'Info Link URL' is where you insert a link that leads the user to a page where they can read more about the regulation for your website.

Customization also includes background color and text color that best suits your website.