Promo bar is a notification bar that allows you to place promotions on your web page most times on your index page or the product page.

With your promo bar, you can have at display freebies or discounts a visitor has for shopping in your store. Free shipping, discount percentage, flash sales, deals, product awareness, bundle promo, and many more.

It is also used to create a sense of urgency and convert visitors to customers and make customers check out certain products. Promo bars are used to create CTAs that can trigger buying and increase sales.

You can create several promo bars based on the information you want to give to your customers. With Storebundle, you have;

Promo Bar Type

This gives you two options; Text Bar and Lead Capture

The text bar is to show what offers, deals, or discounts are available in-store.

promo bar

The lead capture bar is to help you capture customers' email addresses or other information. Let's say you have a flash sale happening in 2 days, you can create a promo bar notifying your visitors of the event. 

promo bar

With this, you can build your email list. For example, "Flash Sales in 48 hours: 21 minutes: 03 seconds" Be the first to know! Submit your email address here.

promo bar

Attach a Name to each Promo Bar

You can tag each promo bar, so you can have them organized and know which is going for what.

Customize Your Promo Bar

Change the background and text color from a color palette. You also can change the CTA button and text color

The input box for capturing leads can be customized to suit you. The button text and placeholder text are custom-made. You can edit what your visitors see in the text box per promo bar.