Welcome mats are used for extending a welcoming hand to visitors each time they enter your website. It is used to also attract lead capture as well as welcome customers as the name implies.

Welcome mats are your first chance to leave a good impression on your visitors. This is your first chance to give your visitors the first most important information about your store.

A welcome mat can be displayed either as a pop-up or to cover the full page depending on your web design or what you feel your visitors will reckon with.

Choose Welcome Mat Type

The welcome mat type has two mats: a lead capture mat and a text mat.

welcome mat

The text mat is to welcome your visitors to your store with no CTA necessarily than just to make them feel comfortable as they shop with you.

Lead capture mat includes call-to-actions. For example, Get 10% off your first order. To get your offer code, enter your email address here, with a submit button by the side.

welcome matwelcome mat

Display Options

Each page can own its custom welcome mat. The mat that works for the index page might not work for the product page. You can create a unique mat for each of your landing pages.

At the same time, you can have a welcome mat that runs for all of your pages.


Welcome mats are custom-made. You can change or choose a different background, color, heading text, and color for each of the mats.

There is a color palette to choose from to have a custom design for all your mats.