Pop-up is a trendy marketing strategy that is used as a promotional and informational tool. Having pop-ups is one of the many ways to capture leads and offer visitors discounts or show flash sales to increase sales conversion.

How Does A Pop-up Look Like?

Pop-ups are the small bar that comes up each time a visitor gets a landing page in front of them. 

Pop-ups are known to have an average conversion rate of 3.09%. This means that irrespective of how customers complain about this marketing strategy due to the few minutes required to read what is on a pop-up bar. Pop-ups still give results, it works.

A good pop-up should have the following to be effective:

- Must be actionable: You need to have a goal for every pop-up. Ensure there is a call to action on the pop-up bar

- Offer a discount or benefit that would be given as soon as the customer meets the requirements. For example, get 5% off your first order. Enter your email here to activate your bonus.

-  Inject the fear of missing out by creating an offer that runs with a deadline

-  The content has to be beneficial and informative for customers.

Storebundle’s Pop-Up App Features

There are two pop-up types: Text pop-up and Lead capture pop-up

Text pop-ups can be created to notify a visitor or customer about your store or benefits.

Lead capture pop-ups are used to capture email addresses by offering discounts or coupon codes to customers.

pop-up bar

Storebundle allows you to customize each pop-up you create. Other tabs on the Pop-up app

- Pop-up Name: This is to title each pop-up you create.

-  Background Color: You can choose the box or bar color you want for the pop-up background.

-  Text Color: you can change the color of the message or text in the pop-up bar

-  Heading Text: This allows you to draft a heading for the pop-up which is displayed in larger font size than the pop-up message.

-  Heading Color: choose a color from the color palette for your heading

-  Message Tab: This will contain the message the pop-up should pass across.

-  Button Text and Color: This works for a lead capture pop-up. The button is the action you want the customer to take. You can change the text and color. For example, if you want the user to submit their email address, the button text can be 'Go'.

pop-up barpop-up bar

- Input Background Color: The text box where the customers are expected to enter their email address can be kept in the color you desire. It is however advisable to be kept white and plain.

- Placeholder Text: You can write a sample of the details you expect your visitors to provide. If you need their email address, you can use, for example, email@example.com.

- Button Text: This signifies the final action you expect the customer to take whether to submit, click, or send.

- Display pages: You can choose what page you want your pop-ups to appear on.