Storebundle's Geo-location app helps you create block rules where you restrict unwanted traffic from countries you do not want on your store using the Country Blocker feature. 

It is not limited to blocking countries only. You can also restrict access based on the user's IP address. This gives you multiple ways of blocking unwanted traffic.

Let's take you through the Country Blocker feature.

Country Blocker

This section has three sub-sections; 

- Status

- Blocked Rules

- Block Page Settings

country blocker


Here you can toggle the buttons to enable or disable the country blocker for your store and also enable or disable VPN access.

country blocker

Blocked Rules

The "Use Except Rule" button is to activate the country exception rule where you can block every country except one. 

If you do not want to block all countries and have just a few selected countries access your store, toggle off the "Use Except Rule"

country blocker

Creating a block rule requires that you choose a block action; either to block a country or IP address. Then select the country you want to block (selection can be done in multiples i.e, you can select multiple countries to be blocked at the same time).

The block button helps you add the countries or IP addresses you have selected to your blacklist log where you will find all the block rules you have created.

Block Page Settings

This is the customization section where you can decide the content your blocked users get to see when they click your store's URL.

country blocker

The theme is limited to one at the moment, more themes will be made available soon.

To finalize the block rules you have created, click the save button.

Should you have issues with the app, do not hesitate to reach out using the Live Chat widget in the dashboard. You can also check out Threads on the Shopify App Store