The Geolocation Redirect is in two sub-section;

- Status

- Redirect Rules

geo location redirect


You get to manage the status of the Geolocation Redirect on your store. Here, you can click the button to enable or disable the Geolocation redirect app. 

geo location redirect

The "Redirect Notification Pop up" button can be used when you want your redirected users to receive a notification about the redirection they would be experiencing. Th feature has a tab that opens up beneath the Redirect Rules tab where you can customize your notification pop-up.

Redirect Notification Pop-up is to help your customers choose if they want to visit the URL they would be redirected to or stay on the current store they are visiting.

For instance, is a global Shopify store that serves numerous countries. However, they have a store for UK customers. When a customer who resides in the UK visits the global store (, they will receive a redirect notification pop asking if they would like to continue shopping on the UK store ( or stay on the global store.

Note: Enabling this feature by clicking the button gives you access to the Redirect Notification Pop-up Settings.

Redirect Rules

This is the section you specify the redirect rules you set. 

The "Use Except Rule" button allows you to disable or enable the exception rule where you can redirect all countries except a few selected countries. 

geo location redirect

The "Add trigger URL" is a paid feature that allows you to add a URL that triggers a redirect and the redirect URL you want to redirect your customers to.

geo location redirect

The next tab is where you choose the redirect action; either to redirect country or IP address. (Note: only country redirect is available at the moment)

Then choose a country or the countries you want to redirect. The 'Redirect' button when clicked saves the country you have selected to your redirect log.

Redirect Notification Pop-up Settings

This section is only accessible when you toggle on the Redirect Notification button in the Status tab.

You can customize your redirect notification pop-up by adding more details for redirecting the user. There's also a color palette for the background color, text, message, button, and button hover colors.

geo location redirectgeo location redirect

The save button helps you finalize the redirect rule you have created.