The geo-location block/redirect app comes with an analytic page that gives you the details of visitors who visit your store periodically. This visitors analytics is categorized into 4; 

- Visitors 

- Countries

- Blocked

- Redirect

To enable the analytics feature for your store, toggle the status button and keep it on.

The Visitors Box provides you with the traffic figures of blocked and redirected visitors your store gets based on the period you choose, daily, weekly, or monthly.

geo location redirect

The Countries Box has the details of the number of blocked and redirected countries your store is getting visitors from.

Blocked has the figures of traffic coming in from blocked countries or IP addresses.

Redirect has the details of traffic coming into your store from countries you created redirect rules for.

Blacklist Log 

The blacklist log helps you list the IP address of your store's traffic, location, date device type, browser type, status, and action. 

The "Action" tab is where you can delete or allow an IP address that you have blocked or redirected. The allow function is to take the IP address off the blacklist log and grant it access to your site

geo location redirect

With this, you have a list of IP addresses you have blocked or redirected.

The Visitors Analytics page is to give you an overview of every activity of block and redirect rule you created based on location and rules (whether block or redirect).