Creating a whitelist is the direct opposite of a blacklist or block list. The block or blacklist is where you have blocked countries or IP addresses logged.

Whitelist is a feature that allows you to grant access to an IP address even when you have blocked the country where the traffic is coming from. Basically, the whitelist tops all the block or redirect rules you have created the moment you have an IP address added to your whitelist.

The Whitelist tab is in two sections;

- Status

- Whitelist

The Status is where you enable or disable the whitelist feature from working on your store by clicking the button.


Under the Whitelist section, you have a box where you can input the IP address you want to whitelist. You can also add a range of IP addresses by using the asterisk (*). For example, 192.168.*.* That means, every traffic coming from IPs within that range is whitelisted.

You can then finalize the process by clicking the whitelist button.