Aiding your marketing goals will require that you pay attention to every activity that your customers have while visiting your store. 

There are times when customers are interacting with your products they get a reason to leave the tab from which they are visiting and switch to another tab. To help them stay on track, you can use the tab title as a reminder and motivation to get back to check out the items in their cart.

To create a title for your tab especially when customers navigate away from your store, you need the Inactive Tab Message app as a Shopify Merchant.

Benefits of Inactive Tab Message

- Captivate inactive users to return to your site.

- Reduce cart abandonment 

- Boost sales conversions 

- Increase the average time spent on site for your visitors.

StoreBundle features an Inactive Tab Message app that helps you create tab titles for your store with a cart count display on the tab when customers navigate away.

To create a tab title, ensure you have the StoreBundle app installed on your store or locate the StoreBundle app on your Shopify admin dashboard if you already have the app integrated for your Store.

The Inactive Tab Message app is in three sections;

- Tab Title

- Favicon Modification

- Favicon Cart Count

Tab Title

inactive tab message

The tab title section is where you can specify the title you want your tabs to display when customers navigate away. There are two titles to specify based on the customers' activity. 

Cart abandonment text gets triggered when customers navigate away from your store while on their cart page. You can use this to notify customers about losing items in their carts. And notify them of the number of items in their cart to quicken checking out.

Favicon Customization

When you do not want to use your store's favicon as the default image, you can choose an emoji in place of that.

inactive tab message

Favicon Cart Count

When you want to be specific with customers on the tab title, you can display their cart count. That will be a more personalized way of reaching each customer.

To enable the Show Favicon Cart Count, toggle the button on. To give the title more vigor, choose from the customization section, shape, text, and background color.

inactive tab message

To finalize your tab title message, click on the save button at the top right of the Inactive Tab Message app.

inactive tab message