Creating a smooth and seamless customer experience is a way to gain customer loyalty and also improve sales. The first point of every store design is to ensure that it is user-compliant, that is, customers can easily navigate their way around the store.

You should invest to the maximum in your store's usability to ensure that you deliver the best customer experience you can. 

No matter how small or medium-scale your store is, your customers should not have to search through all your catalog to find the one item they need to buy. 

Having a search button where customers can quickly navigate through your 1,000+ listed products easily improves usability and customer experience.

As a Shopify store owner looking to give your customers a classic shopping experience. Integrating StoreBundle with the Instant Search app feature, you can make searching through your product list easier.

Instant Search is a feature for e-commerce stores to enable customers to find it easy to look through thousands of listed products on a store. The Instant Search app can also complete and predict product search intent. 

You can also upsell certain items in the search box by enabling the Instant Search app to display the popularly searched items, out-of-stock items, and your search collection.

Let's get started with how to use StoreBundle Instant Search App to improve customer usability for your store. 

Enabling The Instant Search App

To activate this search feature for your Shopify store, ensure that you have StoreBundle installed from the Shopify app store.

Go to your Shopify admin dashboard and search for StoreBundle, click to open your StoreBundle dashboard. 

shopify admin dashboard

Next is to locate the Instant Search app from your dashboard and click on the box areas to gain access to the app.

Storebundle dashboard

There is a button on top right, toggle to enable the app. 

The Instant Search app is in two sections;

- General

- Popular Keywords

instant search app

The General tab is where you enable the extra details you want your customers to see when a customer searches for an item. 

With the Instant Search app, you can upsell popularly searched products and collections each time a customer uses the search box.

There are three custom options you can enable to determine the activities that goes on when a customer is searching for an item in your store.

- Show popular searches

- Include out of stock products

- Search collection

This implies that customers' search intent will be accompanied by other products display. This way, you can influence customers to check other items outside their search intent.

Popular Keywords

The popular keyword tab helps you outline the top 10 most searched keywords in your store. With this, you can understand and study how customers search for items. 

This information will be valuable when naming certain items.

To see how Instant Search works on your store front, after customizing your settings in the “General” tab, click the save button at the top right of the app to finalize your settings.