It is vital that you take measures to allow customers who do not use your local currency to view your pricing based on their local currency. This is needed when you offer services or extend your store's sales beyond your local area or country.

The Multicurrency Switcher is an app for Shopify e-commerce stores that helps your customers view product prices based on the currency of their choice country. This is a quick and easy-to-use currency converter to give your customers across countries the best shopping experience without limitations on their location.

The Multicurrency app on StoreBundle for Shopify merchants helps your visitors to understand product pricing in their local currency. This requires that you integrate the Multicurrency details into your Shopify store admin dashboard.

To use the Multicurrency Switcher app you need to toggle on the button at the top right of the app. This is to activate the app on your store.

Storebundle multicurrency appFor your first visit to the Multicurrency Switcher app, you will get a modal with two links that need to be copied and added to your store's settings on the Shopify admin dashboard.

verification page for multicurrency app on storebundleHere is a step-by-step guide on how to integrate the app.

1. Copy the first and second links in this section of your modal

2. Go to your Shopify store admin dashboard, locate "Settings" and clickShopify admin dashboard settings

3. In the settings page, you will find the "Store Details" tab, find the "Store Currency" tab and click "Change formatting"Shopify settings admin dashboard, store detailsShopify admin dashboard settings, store currency

4. The first link you copied from the Multicurrency modal, paste in the "HTML with currency" placeholder

5. The second link will be pasted in the "HTML without currency" placeholder

6. Click "Save" and go to StoreBundle

The essence of the first stage setup is so that the StoreBundle app can pick your store’s base currency. This will help the app to make conversions to other currencies based on customers’ chosen country.

The Multicurrency Switcher app has two sections.

- Settings

- Other PreferencesStorebundle multicurrency app

Under the Settings tab, you can manage the list of currencies and how the Multicurrency switcher app appears on your storefront.

Storebundle multicurrency app

Let’s begin with the Auto-Switch button. This button functions when you want your product prices to remain in your store’s local currency. That is, each time a customer chooses a country and they reload the page, the app automatically restores currency to the store’s base currency.

For instance, your store’s base currency is USD and a customer shopping chooses CAD (Canadian Dollar). Each time they refresh the page, they automatically have the prices back in USD.

How To Create A Currency List

Note: When creating a currency list, ensure you add your store’s base currency or local currency to the list. This is so that the app can have a currency to work with when converting to other currencies.

The “Shop default currency” shows you your store's base currency. On the right side, you will find the "Add Currency" button where you can add as many countries as you need.

Appearance Tab

You can customize the appearance of the Multicurrency Switcher app on your storefront in this section.

Storebundle multicurrency appThere are two themes available at the moment: 

- Without Flags which is the default theme

- With Flags that display the currencies with their country's flag

The background color, hover color, and text color can also be customized to your store's taste.

How To Delete A Currency

When you want to remove a currency from your list, you can click the delete icon that appears in front of that currency.

To delete all currencies, click the Add currency drop-down arrow and click Delete all currencies

Delete currencies for multicurrency on storebundleOther Preferences Section

The preferences section provides advanced settings for the currency switcher app. Here you can choose to add decimals to your price figures, hide the multi-currency switcher on your storefront, and so on.Storebundle multicurrency app

This is the function for each of the buttons as outlined in the "Other Preferences" section

- Display currency code: This button allows you to show the code for each country's currency. When you toggle it on and you can see the lemon color, that means on your storefront each of the countries would have their currency code attached.

- Remove decimals: When you toggle this button, prices on your store will be displayed in whole figures with no decimals. For instance, you will have $40, $56 not $45.99.

- Show original price on hover: When the customer hovers over the price after choosing their currency, they would be able to see the original price in the store's base currency.

- Hide multicurrency switcher: This button functions when you still want to leave the app activated on your store but you do not want to show the currency switcher icon.

- Checkout currency notification: This is a notification that shows up on customers' cart page telling them that they will be charged based on the store's local currency and not their chosen currency.

Finally, ensure you click the Save button to finalize your settings.