Making your customers have the best shopping experience post-purchase is a good feel. The thank you page is another chance you get to bond with customers, gain extra sales, increase revenue, show appreciation for purchases to your customers, and so on. 

Every point of a customer's journey is very important. From the first visit to product navigation to making payment for the order, and the post-purchase period. Optimizing the thank you page can boost customer experience and also strengthen customer loyalty. From providing order information to upselling related products, all these are ways you can make the most of the order status page.

Shopify Thank You Page: Reasons To Optimize Your Order Status Page

How To Customize The Thank You Page - StoreBundle

The first step to integrating the thank you page builder using StoreBundle is to add the StoreBundle app from the Shopify app store. You can simply search for the thank you page builder using the search function on the StoreBundle dashboard.

Activate the thank you page builder, by toggling on the button on the top right of the app. You will get a pop-up showing that the app has been activated successfully.

Storebundle Thank You Page Builder

StoreBundle allows you to create multiple thank you page builders to be activated based on your desire or timing. You can create and customize as many builders as you want. However, you can only have one builder activated on your store at a time. To create a builder, click the Create Builder button on the page and name the builder.

Storebundle thank you page

After entering a name for your thank you page, click the Save button and you will be automatically redirected to the dashboard for the builder you created.

Storebundle Thank You Page Builder

There are two sections on the interface; Dashboard and Birthday tabs.

Storebundle thank you page

The Dashboard tab helps you track orders, average order value, bounce rate, customer comments, and impressions. This serves as an analytic for activities customers make on the order status page.

Note: The analytics are updated within 3 minutes intervals. That is, if you reload the page to update the dashboard, you can only get another update of activities after 3 minutes.

On the Birthday tab, when a customer submits their birthday details on the thank you page, it automatically saves on this dashboard alongside other customers' details. 

Storebundle thank you page

To customize and set up the app for your storefront, click the Open Editor button on the top right of the builder  you have created.

The editor allows you to customize both the left and right areas of the order status page. To add a widget (text, image, video, or capture birthday), click on the add section button on any of the areas you want to customize.

Storebundle Thank You Page Builder

With the Image widget, you can add any image you desire and place it at your desired point. 

Note: all of the widgets are movable and can be placed at your desired spot.

The Text widget has an editor that allows you to choose the text color, background color, emojis, alignment, etc.

If you are looking at celebrating a customer's birthday with them, you can attach the Capture Birthday widget to capture the customer's birthday.

The app automatically saves your edits as you update the settings. Once you are done with customizing your thank you page, click on the save button at the top right of the page to finalize the process. 

You can preview the page by clicking the drop-down on the Save button, then click Preview to see your set-up. You can as well create a test order to see how it works on your storefront.