Customers know what they want to buy right. However, you can not leave them to handle the purchase process alone. Some customers might get tired and abandon their cart or intention to buy.

That is where having a specific and clear call to action can help convert customers who are still indecisive about purchasing an item.

To use the thank you page to attract more sales, you can add a Call-To-Action (CTA) button that can redirect customers to your store's homepage or a certain product page. 

How To Use The Call To Action Feature On Thank You Page Builder

To use a widget on the Thank You Page Builder, you need to create and customize a builder that will be displayed on your storefront.

The first step is to enable the Thank You Page Builder app. Then click the Create Builder button to customize your thank you page. 


How To Customize Your Shopify Thank You Page Builder

storebundle thank you page builder

Then click the edit button from the ellipsis on your funnel to access the Open Editor.

From this point, you can access the Open Editor and add the call-to-action widget to your thank you page.

Click the Open Editor button to add any widget and customize your thank you page.

storebundle thank you page builder

On the Open Editor page, there is a side menu bar on the left and a preview page on the right. On the sidebar, you will find the settings for both the left and right areas of the order status page.

Click the Add New Section button to add the Call-to-action widget. To edit, the widget after adding, click on the widget to gain access to its editor.

storebundle thank you page builder

From here, you can decide what you want to nudge customers to do. If you want them to view your product collections page, get the page URL and input it into the Redirect URL. Other features such as the layout, button text, and color can be done on this page.

To finalize the procedure, click the save button on the top right corner of the page. You can also preview your settings on the preview page or create a test order on your storefront to see how it is displayed.