No store merchant ever gets tired of making more sales. It's an endless journey, especially for e-commerce stores. That is why optimizing every sales funnel becomes really important.

The thank you page is considered a bottom sales funnel. This is because it is the last page of interacting with your customers after making payments for their orders. 

Now that you have made sales from this customer, do you need to let them go? Is that the end of the road? 

No. There are still lots of sales that you can gain through every customer even immediately after making a purchase. One of such way is upselling on your thank you page by showing links to specially create product collection pages that can spur customers' interest.

How To Add Collection List To You Thank You Page

The StoreBundle Thank You Page Builder comes with multiple features to help you optimize and maximize your thank you page. One of those features is the Collection List which can direct customers to see other products that they might be interested in.

Follow through these steps to successfully display your collection list on the thank you page.

1. To use a widget on the Thank You Page Builder, you need to create and customize a builder that will be displayed on your storefront.

2. The first step is to enable the Thank You Page Builder app. Then click the Create Builder button to customize your thank you page. 

Storebundle thank you page

3. Enter a name to save your builder with. Note that, you can create multiple builders which can be activated at your desired time depending on what your store needs at the time.

Storebundle thank you page

4. Once you have that setup, click the ellipsis on the right side of the builder you saved. Then click edit to customize the builder.

5. In-app, you will find the Open Editor where you get to add as many widgets as you want.

Storebundle thank you page

Storebundle thank you page

6. To add a new section, click the add new section button on any of the sides you want to customize. Whether the left or right area. 

7. You will get a pop-up page showing the list of widgets available on the Thank You Page editor. Choose the Collection List widget.

Storebundle thank you page

8. The widget will be added to the side menu bar. Click the collection list button to gain access to edit the widget.

Storebundle thank you page

9. From here you can change the title font size, and color, and add the collection pages you want to display. If you do not have the collections before this you can click the update collection button, you will see a create collection button at the top right. 

Once you click this, it directs you to your Shopify admin dashboard where you can create a collection. 

Storebundle thank you page

To finalize your settings, click the save button at the top right corner. The preview page allows you to see what your settings look like. You can as well test with a test order on your storefront.

How To Create A Test Order To Preview A Thank You Page Builder App