The goal is to make your first-time buyers return again to buy from your store. This way you will increase your customer retention rate and sales. 

To optimize your thank you page by offering customers discounts, you can use the discount widget on StoreBundle's Thank You Page Builder to attract more sales on the order status page.

This is a guide on how to offer customers discounts with or without a discount code.

The first step is to enable the thank you page builder app on StoreBundle and create a builder. To read more check here;

How To Customize Your Shopify Thank You Page Builder

After creating a builder, you can use the ellipsis to get a drop-down menu where you can edit and customize the builder. From this stage, you can access the Open Editor to customize your thank you page.

To display a discount offer on your thank you page, click the add new section button on the left menu bar of the Open Editor. This will bring you an array of widgets that you can add on both the Left and Right areas of the thank you page.

Storebundle Thank You Page Builder

Note, you have to choose which area of the order status page will be perfect to show a discount button. Then, you can go ahead and add the widget to your chosen area. 

Once you select the discount widget, you have the feature added to your preview page. To edit the discount widget, click on the widget to edit.

Storebundle Thank You Page Builder

On this page, you can customize text, color, button CTA (call to action), button URL, discount code, and terms and conditions.

The Redirect URL is the link to the page you want customers to be directed to when they want to redeem their discounts. You can decide to attach your discount to a certain product. This way customers can only activate that discount when they buy the product. In this case, the Redirect URL has to be the product's page link.

To create a discount code, you can click the Create Discount button which will redirect you to your Shopify admin dashboard where you can generate a code for general purchase or attach the discount to a specific product.

When you have terms and conditions attached to a discount, you can state it to customers below the discount bar by using the T & C text tool on the discount editor.

To finalize the settings, click the save button on the top right corner and create a test order to see how it works on your storefront.

After saving your settings, you should have the discount displayed on your storefront as seen below;

Storebundle thank you page