If you are looking for a unique setup for your Shopify thank you page, you need this Custom HTML widget to create your choice setup or design.

This feature however requires that you understand how to use both HTML and CSS web design programs.

To know more on how to customize your thank you page from scratch, read this guide;

How To Customize Your Shopify Thank You Page Builder


Setting Up The Custom HTML Widget

To use a widget on the Thank You Page Builder, you need to create and customize a builder that will be displayed on your storefront.

The first step is to enable the Thank You Page Builder app. Then click the Create Builder button to customize your thank you page. 

storebundle thank you page builder

From this point, you can access the Open Editor and add the custom HTML widget to your thank you page.

Click the Open Editor button to add any widget and customize your thank you page. 

storebundle thank you page builder

On the Open Editor page, there is a side menu bar on the left and a preview page on the right. On the sidebar, you will find the settings for both the left and right areas of the order status page.

Click the Add New Section button to add the Custom HTML. To edit, the widget after adding, click on the widget to gain access to its editor.

The next step is to enter your HTML and CSS codes and preview on the right side of the editor.

storebundle thank you page builder

To finalize the procedure, click the save button on the top right corner of the page. You can also preview your settings on the preview page or create a test order on your storefront to see how it is displayed.